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Refund Policy

Effective January 1, 2011

All students may receive a full refund if cancelled prior to 1 week to the start of class and students who cancel after that may receive a partial refund if cancelled up to 2 days prior to the class less $200 for class materials. If cancelled after this 2-day period, there are no refunds available unless class has been cancelled, in which a full refund will be available. All refund requests must be made in the time frames stated above by email sent to refunds@petroleumlandmanschool.com - phone request or mail request will not be acceptable.

Students that have paid their tuition, missed a scheduled class, and have not received a refund may enroll in a subsequent class at no additional charge. All students may attend future classes with the agenda they have previously taken, as needed for a refresher course, at no additional charge, providing that the enrollment takes place 14 days prior to the start of the class if space is available.
Note: All policies, pricing and procedures are subject to change without any prior notice.

Attention TEXAS registrants:

You must certify that you have read our official Refund Policy at least 14 days prior to registration for the class. You may still enroll and pay for the class online but we MUST have this registration/certification form (Click here) turned into us before the school starts. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Note: All policies, pricing and procedures are subject to change without any prior notice.


All classes and workshops are subject to change without prior notification. The Petroleum Landman School is not responsible for any losses due to cancellations or changes. Please check the website for any class changes.

Anyone planning on attending a class shall be responsible for checking the website for any class changes, cancellations, or removals. Note, all classes that are cancelled will not always state they are cancelled. They may just not appear any longer on the website.

The Petroleum Landman School is not responsible for informing students of such issues.  
Each student shall be totally responsible for making sure the classes scheduled are going to take place before making plans to attend or coming to the class.

If your class has been removed from the schedule, contact us immediately via email.

Email inquiries only.


We accept payment through credit card on the web (see Class Schedule) or by Cashiers Check or Money Orders ONLY.

We no longer accept personal or business checks unless previously authorized by the Petroleum Landman School in writing.

We partner with the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office, in prosecution bogus check writers.



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