What is a Landman?


People have asked me many times over the years “What is a Petroleum Landman” or “Landman”. There are basically two categories of Landmen.

1.'In-house’ landman: Typically this is a person who has a four-year degree in either Petroleum Land Management or Energy Management which is generally a requirement for this job. They generally work directly for an oil company within the company’s land department as a paid employee (W2).

2. Field landman’: Typically this is a person who works with the ‘in-house’ landman and their job does not require a 4-year degree like the ‘in-house’ landman. They are typically independent contractors (1099) and do not work directly for the oil company but work for themselves or land companies that that are hired by the oil companies.  Their rudimentary job is to go to the courthouse in the county where the oil company’s prospect is located to review recorded documents pertaining to the ownership of the minerals and surface and sometimes they will take on other roles such as leasing the minerals and/or negotiating surface damages for the drilling of the well.



Reasons to Choose Petroleum Landman School

  • The courses are designed for use in all states.
  • Our instructors are veteran, working landmen with over a combine 70 years experience.
  • The classes include how to calculate and work with Working Interest and Net Revenue Interest and understand how they pertain to ownership in wells and leasehold interests.
  • The classes show how to negotiate an oil and gas lease and the different components of the oil and gas lease.
  • The classes enhance your ability to chain mineral title and to take advantage of the methods used in doing so.


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