Petroleum Landman School's courses provide an interactive learning environment which cover subjects such as title research, well status reports, regulatory requirements, creating accurate reports, understanding the many clauses of the oil and gas lease, wind farm lease, easements/ right-of-way agreements, oil and gas working interest and net revenue calculations, title curative issues and documents, and much more.

Few professions require more diversity of knowledge and skills and when considering the fact that no well is ever drilled, no wind tower, cellular tower, or pipeline is ever constructed without the services of a landman, the importance of the landman’s role cannot be overemphasized.

We have worked very hard to design comprehensive courses with principles and practical usage throughout each in the United States.

Take our video courses online, wherever and whenever is convenient for you. With online testing and the option to attend our in-person classes at no extra cost, this truly is an advanced learning platform.

We offer regular in-person classroom training with the most knowledgeable, seasoned industry veteran instructors. Get a jumpstart on your career as a Petroleum Landman and truly Know What We Know.

Our workshops are designed to provide you real-world hands on training to offer you the skills and confidence you need to succeed from day one.

​Students have 90 days to get through each course. Upon written request ​this time-frame can be extended, but not ​to exceed an additional 90 days. If you ​wish to attend a live class you can without additional tuition fees within the timeframe stated above.

​Many of our courses are offered both online and in a classroom setting. ​How do you determine which version ​of a course is ​best for you? Some people learn better in a classroom setting​ while ​others tend to learn better at home. Also, the need for a more flexible learning schedule or ​geographic location restrictions make​ online ​courses more appropriate for some students. Whether you choose to take a course online or in a classroom, the materials offered are the same!


​Combined Title & Lease Essentials Course

(88 Total Hours) – online video course - Recommended First Course

This ​Combined Title & Lease Essentials Course includes the the following courses: Chaining Mineral Title Essentials, Chain of Title Workshop, Master Class Title Series: Title, Beyond the Courthouse, and Concepts of Oil and Gas Lease - Essentials and Critical Issues courses.

​Right of Way Essentials Course

(​40 Total Hours) – online video and/or in-classroom course

This ​Right of Way Essentials Course enrollment includes ​bonus enrollments ​in the following three ​workshops: ​​Chain of Surface Title Workshop (3 hours),​ ​the Right of Way Route Selection Workshop (8 hours), and Wind Energy and the Landman Essentials (12 hours).

​Oil and Gas Title Essentials Course

(20 Hours)

​Oil and Gas Leasing Essentials Course

(20 Hours)

​Chain of Mineral Title Workshop

(40 Hours)

​Master Class Title Series: Title, Beyond the Courthouse

(8 Hours)

Classes Coming Soon are Listed Below

Call for more information on which courses below are currently available and release dates for upcoming courses: 405-463-4158

​​Petroleum Landman School
  • Chaining Surface Title Workshop
  • Chaining Leasehold Title Workshop - Held By Production

​​​Institute of Energy Management​ Essential Series - These courses will be available on the Institute of Energy Management website
  • ​​Title Curative Essentials and Critical Issues
  • ​Rules Regarding Title Conveyances
  • Title Transfers from Court Proceedings
  • Wills and Heirship Issues/Essentials
  • Understanding Legal Descriptions
  • Spacing Units - Unitizations & Poolings​
  • Title Curative - Judicial/Non-Judicial
  • The Complete Oil & Gas Lease Agent Guide/Essentials
  • Understanding the Oil & Gas Lease
  • Drilling Title Opinions
  • Oil and Gas Contracts
  • Due Diligence - The Complexities
  • Held By Production
  • Regulatory Commission
  • Right-of-Way - Landmen and Agents
  • Surface Damage & Use Issues
  • ​Valuations Essentials
  • Master Class Series: Successful Negotiations
  • Understanding Oil & Gas
  • Accounting/WI-NRI/Division Orders/Tax Law/ COPAS/JOA
  • Ethics for Land Professionals
  • Understanding Advisories and Requirement - Title Opinions
  • ​Project Finance/Tax Structures
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Production Sharing Agreements / Allocation Wells
  • Manage Your Broker / Manage Your Budget

​​​Institute of Energy Management Hands-On Workshop Series - These courses will be available on the Institute of Energy Management website
  • Chaining Fee Mineral Title
  • Chaining Surface Land Title
  • Chaining Leasehold/HBP Title
  • Creating a Federal Abstract
  • Held By Production​​​ - Idle Wells
  • Structuring the Deal/Successful Negotiations
  • Managing Land Budgets/Manage your Broker
  • Types of Negotiations
  • Statutory Regulations and Applications
  • Negotiating Lease & Amendments
  • Negotiating Producing Acquisitions
  • Negotiating Farmout Agreements
  • Negotiating Right-of-Way Agreements
  • Negotiating Joint Operating Agreements
  • Negotiating Surface Damage Issues
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Advanced RI, WI, NRI Calculations (multiple owners, before and after payout)
  • Project Evaluation/Lease Evaluation
  • Due Diligence Workshop
  • Master Class Series - Title Curative/DTO

SPECIAL NOTE: All requests, such as​ replacement materials or completion certificates, must be submitted to the school via email at:

All requests and inquiries are very important and the school will respond as time allows. Please note that our administrators are instructors and working landmen and responses to inquiries and requests may take longer than expected. Thank you for your patience and understanding.